17 October 2011

Adorable Laney

Laney 6

October 17th Laney turned 6, although sometimes it feels more like 16...

Laney presents

Her day started with presents and ended with cake - not a bad day!

Laney cake

Laney cake 2011

Being the social butterfly that she is, Laney chose to have a party - make your own pizza at Pizza Hut. We made all of the kids personalized Italian chef t-shirts as party favors:

Pizza people


Laney’s husband was in attendance.  His name is Josh and he is utterly devoted to Laney - he showers her with gifts, love letters and calls her “wife“. In fact, he was momentarily devastated recently when Laney accepted another proposal. Not to worry though, by the end of the day, she said, “Mom, I think I’m starting to come back around to Josh”. Okay Laney...

Oh to have that amazing balance of bathroom humor, knowledge of all things Star Wars, the ability to be a total goof ball, femininity and dimples!

crazy kid

In addition to be adored, Laney loves dancing and takes street dance and ballet.

Laney ballet 2011

Laney Janey  - 6Laney Jane - 6

She spends most of her free time drawing and mothering AJ. 


She is kind, thoughtful, loves to laugh and really is adored!

Laney 2011