25 October 2011

In The Blink Of An Eye

Spencer - 10

I know everyone says it, they grow up too fast, but I tend to be a bit pig headed and am all about learning things the hard way.  It is true though, they really do grow up in the blink of an eye.  It seems like only yesterday we were driving in the median with the hazard lights on trying to get to John Muir at rush hour.  Now he is the 5th grade and winking at me when someone says an inappropriate word or someone tells a mature joke on television.

This year Spencer and a friend from his class went together and had a quad bike party.  They had a great time and all of the parents got a laugh seeing them in their sanitary hats:
spencers party 2

Spencers party

spencer quad bike

Spencer is an avid reader, so I did a Wimpy Kid cake for him. He is also always up for a good joke, so I got some of those trick candles...

cake 1

Got ya

He's a good sport and can be a bit zany from time to time.  Not long ago he made everyone facial hair (Laney excepted, thankfully) and enlisted them in a band. Crazy kid! 


He is such a good brother to his siblings - so kind, caring and an amazing help.  

Botanical Garden 3 - Gibraltar, Spain


It is hard to imagine that in less than another blink he will be off to college... Nope, not true - not gonna happen...wink, wink.