08 September 2011


Can someone please tell me where the time goes?

Back to School - 2011

Today was the first day of term and the kids were back to school again (with a swollen eye - Laney, a bruised cheek - Spencer, but what can you do?). 

It is just hard for me to believe that only a year ago they looked like this:

School Sept 2010

They have grown so much!  The change is most noticeable in AJ, of course.  Not just in his physical appearance, but demeanour as well.  For example, he looked like this for most of the day:

Missing the kids

Why you ask?  He wants to be grown up too.  He so wants to go to school.  It doesn't help that Laney has been playing it up - AJ I will sit next to you at lunch, AJ you can see your best friend Peyton, AJ it will be so much fun...  Ugh!  I told him today that if he went to school he would have to go alone and wouldn't be able to see me - he said that was okay because he really wanted to see "his kids".  

While potty training, when AJ felt like he was going to miss out on something while he was in the bathroom he would ask people to "pause" the game, puzzle, show, etc.  so he was sure he didn't miss anything.  So, I would like to adopt AJ's methodology and "pause". Hear that life?  PAUSE please!