20 December 2009

Our Latest Adventure

Glad you found us.  Yes, it's true we are packing up and heading to England for the next 3 years.  The movers are coming the 28th and we'll hop on a plane as soon as our visas are here.  The last few months have been filled with a spectrum of emotions: excitement, panic attacks, frustration with the experts and consultants that don't seem to have a clue, and, most importantly, worry about selling the whole idea of leaving a new house and friends to the children.  So, there are a few more gray hairs, a few butterflies and many promises of castle tours and train rides. 

We'll keep you posted about our progress, but for now here is the house and school we chose when we took our trip to Essex a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, there weren't any homes with thatched roofs available, so we wound up with this modern number.  Although I am still getting used to the idea of a house without beams in the ceiling and a walk in fireplace, this house has a lot of nice amenities that will make our transition a lot easier (the, ah hem, bathrooms for one). 

Unlike the home, the school we chose is quite traditional.  The children are required to wear uniforms and they must eat the school lunch.  Spencer was less than thrilled to hear about the lunches, but I bought him 8 jars of peanut butter to take with him just in case he comes home from school starving.  They do have peanut butter there, but it is not as popular as it is here and the selection is very limited.  Sam and I checked at least 4 different stores to find the best supply.   Anyway, the school seems great with small class sizes (around 12) and the children will learn French and swimming is part of the curriculum.  We just hope they will call for help in English when the are drowning in the pool due to a lack of body fat from being forced to look at things like butcher's sausage and peas on their plates.   

It will be a new experience for us all.  Personally, I'm terrified of driving in the UK and petrified of taking a driving test.  I am sure we will all survive our new challenges, but there might be a story or two along the way. 

We are looking forward to our new adventure and whatever it brings our way - we hope you will join us for a story or two.