28 May 2011


We have all gone mad around here.  Some more than others...

madness 2

For science day at school, the kids dressed as mad scientists. Owen decided to go all out with his hair, while Laney and Spencer went for a more reserved look.  AJ's hair, well, his hair always looks crazy but we are so thankful that he finally has some we just aren't bothered.  

close up

They had a great day at school with a mobile planetarium and experiments galore. 

I, on the other hand, have progressed way beyond madness.  I have lost my mind.  While rushing to modify shirts into lab coats, I plugged the the sewing machine into the little white converter and flipped the switch.  The loud "boooo-haa" sound that followed was my first clue that I had done something horribly wrong.  The smell that followed confirmed it.  Unfortunately, it was only after I sent the 220V through my poor little 110V machine that I remembered the last time I used the sewing machine in the kitchen I hauled in the big yellow converter (a step down transformer) rather than the little white one.  


R.I.P. dear sewing machine.