04 March 2012

An Offical Member

School 2012 _2

It was a rough start.  Actually, that is an understatement.  It was a horrific start.  There was kicking, screaming, tears, shouting "I hate this place" in front of all, an attempted escape back to the car, tearful "don't leave me"s, on and on it went for 5 mornings.  Thankfully for everyone involved it was short lived!
bonjour 1

A few weeks ago the school had a French day and AJ was asked if he would like to stay until 3 so he could partake in all of the activities.  He has now been asking to stay until 3 everyday.  What a difference!  So it is 4 down and 0 to go at the Smith house. 

24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!

25 October 2011

In The Blink Of An Eye

Spencer - 10

I know everyone says it, they grow up too fast, but I tend to be a bit pig headed and am all about learning things the hard way.  It is true though, they really do grow up in the blink of an eye.  It seems like only yesterday we were driving in the median with the hazard lights on trying to get to John Muir at rush hour.  Now he is the 5th grade and winking at me when someone says an inappropriate word or someone tells a mature joke on television.

This year Spencer and a friend from his class went together and had a quad bike party.  They had a great time and all of the parents got a laugh seeing them in their sanitary hats:
spencers party 2

Spencers party

spencer quad bike

Spencer is an avid reader, so I did a Wimpy Kid cake for him. He is also always up for a good joke, so I got some of those trick candles...

cake 1

Got ya

He's a good sport and can be a bit zany from time to time.  Not long ago he made everyone facial hair (Laney excepted, thankfully) and enlisted them in a band. Crazy kid! 


He is such a good brother to his siblings - so kind, caring and an amazing help.  

Botanical Garden 3 - Gibraltar, Spain


It is hard to imagine that in less than another blink he will be off to college... Nope, not true - not gonna happen...wink, wink.

17 October 2011

Adorable Laney

Laney 6

October 17th Laney turned 6, although sometimes it feels more like 16...

Laney presents

Her day started with presents and ended with cake - not a bad day!

Laney cake

Laney cake 2011

Being the social butterfly that she is, Laney chose to have a party - make your own pizza at Pizza Hut. We made all of the kids personalized Italian chef t-shirts as party favors:

Pizza people


Laney’s husband was in attendance.  His name is Josh and he is utterly devoted to Laney - he showers her with gifts, love letters and calls her “wife“. In fact, he was momentarily devastated recently when Laney accepted another proposal. Not to worry though, by the end of the day, she said, “Mom, I think I’m starting to come back around to Josh”. Okay Laney...

Oh to have that amazing balance of bathroom humor, knowledge of all things Star Wars, the ability to be a total goof ball, femininity and dimples!

crazy kid

In addition to be adored, Laney loves dancing and takes street dance and ballet.

Laney ballet 2011

Laney Janey  - 6Laney Jane - 6

She spends most of her free time drawing and mothering AJ. 


She is kind, thoughtful, loves to laugh and really is adored!

Laney 2011

09 October 2011

Owen's Eighth

Owen - 8

For his birthday, Owen wanted something low key, so Saturday his friend from school came over and we took them bowling and out to dinner.  The actual day was just as he wanted.  Waffles for breakfast, presents, a Taco Bell feast (he put away 4 bean tacos, a bean burrito, a cup of rice and a cup of beans), put together his new Lego sets, a 10 mile bike ride with Sam and Spencer to test out some of his new bike gear, a fish finger dinner and cake - a taco cake, of course. 

Owen Presents

Owen- bike
Biking this summer

Taco cake 1
The taco cake - cookie shell with chocolate cake, chocolate covered peanuts for the beans, melted marshmallow for the sour cream,sour apple candy cut into strips for lettuce, strawberry licorice for tomatoes and orange Starburst for the shredded cheese.

Owen - cake 2
Cake time

Owen - cake

Owen is such a great kid - he is kind, loving and empathetic.  That said, he is, and will always be, our little frat boy.  He is a great little guitar player and a fantastic bike rider.  In school, he likes facts and figures, but it also quite artistic.  He loves animals and chooses not to eat beef even though he think it tastes great.  He still can't get enough beans, but since moving to England he has developed a love for fish fingers.  In fact, the cook at school continues to be amazed by how much he eats on Fish Finger Fridays - I think his record is fourths!  I think we had better start saving now, as those teenage years are yet another year closer. 

01 October 2011

The Tooth Fairy Will Be A Little Poorer This Evening...

First Lost Tooth - Laney

08 September 2011


Can someone please tell me where the time goes?

Back to School - 2011

Today was the first day of term and the kids were back to school again (with a swollen eye - Laney, a bruised cheek - Spencer, but what can you do?). 

It is just hard for me to believe that only a year ago they looked like this:

School Sept 2010

They have grown so much!  The change is most noticeable in AJ, of course.  Not just in his physical appearance, but demeanour as well.  For example, he looked like this for most of the day:

Missing the kids

Why you ask?  He wants to be grown up too.  He so wants to go to school.  It doesn't help that Laney has been playing it up - AJ I will sit next to you at lunch, AJ you can see your best friend Peyton, AJ it will be so much fun...  Ugh!  I told him today that if he went to school he would have to go alone and wouldn't be able to see me - he said that was okay because he really wanted to see "his kids".  

While potty training, when AJ felt like he was going to miss out on something while he was in the bathroom he would ask people to "pause" the game, puzzle, show, etc.  so he was sure he didn't miss anything.  So, I would like to adopt AJ's methodology and "pause". Hear that life?  PAUSE please!