09 October 2011

Owen's Eighth

Owen - 8

For his birthday, Owen wanted something low key, so Saturday his friend from school came over and we took them bowling and out to dinner.  The actual day was just as he wanted.  Waffles for breakfast, presents, a Taco Bell feast (he put away 4 bean tacos, a bean burrito, a cup of rice and a cup of beans), put together his new Lego sets, a 10 mile bike ride with Sam and Spencer to test out some of his new bike gear, a fish finger dinner and cake - a taco cake, of course. 

Owen Presents

Owen- bike
Biking this summer

Taco cake 1
The taco cake - cookie shell with chocolate cake, chocolate covered peanuts for the beans, melted marshmallow for the sour cream,sour apple candy cut into strips for lettuce, strawberry licorice for tomatoes and orange Starburst for the shredded cheese.

Owen - cake 2
Cake time

Owen - cake

Owen is such a great kid - he is kind, loving and empathetic.  That said, he is, and will always be, our little frat boy.  He is a great little guitar player and a fantastic bike rider.  In school, he likes facts and figures, but it also quite artistic.  He loves animals and chooses not to eat beef even though he think it tastes great.  He still can't get enough beans, but since moving to England he has developed a love for fish fingers.  In fact, the cook at school continues to be amazed by how much he eats on Fish Finger Fridays - I think his record is fourths!  I think we had better start saving now, as those teenage years are yet another year closer.