04 March 2012

An Offical Member

School 2012 _2

It was a rough start.  Actually, that is an understatement.  It was a horrific start.  There was kicking, screaming, tears, shouting "I hate this place" in front of all, an attempted escape back to the car, tearful "don't leave me"s, on and on it went for 5 mornings.  Thankfully for everyone involved it was short lived!
bonjour 1

A few weeks ago the school had a French day and AJ was asked if he would like to stay until 3 so he could partake in all of the activities.  He has now been asking to stay until 3 everyday.  What a difference!  So it is 4 down and 0 to go at the Smith house. 


Leeann said...

WOW! How did that happen?
How'd your little guy become a BIG guy??

MKHKKH said...

Hooray for AJ! Hooray for Mom! In the thick of babies and toddlers, did you ever think this day would come!? Cutest pack of kids. Cheers!

Home Sweet Seattle said...

oh my goodness! It's been awhile since I've dusted off the old blog, but I just came to visit you here and wow~ AJ! I didn't recognize him! Your kids have gotten so big!! Seriously..... in the blink of an eye is right! You must be loving those uniforms. They all look so cute!!!!

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