16 June 2010

A Tell All (of sorts)

I am not going to tell you that having 4 children under 8 is easy and I'm definitely not going to tell you that moving to England made life easier.  I will tell you, as any parent would, there are those all important moments that shine through the chaos and frustration to melt your heart, split your sides and make it all worthwhile. 

Since this isn't really a "tell all",  I am not going to show you pictures of what the chaos and frustration has really done.  There will be no pictures of my gray hair and wrinkles, I'm not going to explain how a brain really can atrophy, or tell you what brand of wine I religiously drink, but I will share some recent pictures of my "isn't it great to be a mom" moments. 

They were clean - the diapers, not the kids.  Gotta love half-term. 

story time
Both disappeared just before bed time.  Not good.  I went upstairs and found Laney in her bed looking at a book like I asked.  AJ was not around.  Bad.  Very bad.  I asked Laney where AJ was and as soon as I said his name, his big noggin popped up from under the covers.  She was reading him Thomas books.

all 20
This is what usually happens when these two disappear - all 20 were applied. If that smile doesn't scream guilty I don't know what does.

AJ bandaged
I think his face may have been what prompted the band-aid bonanza.

bean boys
Owen was sharing the bean love and for Owen that is really saying something.

What every ballerina needs
Laney introduced a little femininity to the Nerf game. Or, maybe, she was being a rockin ballerina?  I have no idea, but whatever it was it was funny.

Sometimes they are just so sweet.

laney 05_edited-1
Oh, oops, how did that get in there?  Seriously, this was so fake it made me laugh.  If you could have seen her 30 seconds before this picture...so dramatic.

jedijedi battle 1jedi battle 2
Then there was the Jedi battle.  Spencer escaped this time, but the princess at the bottom of the picture did not fare so well. Do you want to see how this cliffhanger ended?

Jedi battle 3
I didn't do it - really.  Okay, perhaps I did. You probably don't know this, but if you put on these glasses and say "pyzam" they all collapse and fall into a deep sleep.  Definitely worth it in my opinion.

Such a good guy. 

Pirates Matey
Picaroons for sure, but they are my picaroons and they really are a good crew (most of the time anyway). 

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Leeann said...

I love this. Love, love, love. It goes on my list of favorite ever posts from Heather!

Your kids kill me with their creativity, spunk and joy.

(and I know there are other things not shown but we all live it, right?!)

Home Sweet Seattle said...

Awww Heather! A day in the life, right? I love it. Especially the dramatic Laney tears. We are getting our fair share of those around here right now!

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